Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why British Weather Has Nothing On The Climate of Indiana

Author's note: I write this post against the backdrop of a major thunderstorm.

They have a phrase here in Indiana: "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes."

As with many other things in this state (and indeed the rest of America), the climate - a very popular topic of conversation in the Hoosier State - seems to be a lot bigger and vastly more extreme than that of the fair British Isles.

My first brush with Indiana's ever-changing climate came on the day I first arrived at Indianapolis Airport - November 10, 2008. I was greeted, that day, not just by friends and members of my new family; but by a painfully under-temperate gust of snow, whose idea of a good time was to turn people's faces into a ghastly shade of red.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Go Back to Your Own Damn Country!"

Mexican Americans subject to policing laws in Arizona
The title of this post, in case you were wondering, is a word-for-word quotation of what a customer from Tennessee once told me when I, working as a call centre operative, informed him that he needed to divulge his password before any discussion of his account could take place. Needless to say, after uttering the most offensive goodbye I've ever heard, he promptly hung up.

Now, while most Americans are more than welcoming to Brits such as myself, there still exists in the United States a pervasive and, some would say, hypocritical, disregard for immigrants in general. This national trend of xenophobia, while thankfully not being embodied by the majority, shows little sign of going away.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

My Top 5 Places to Visit In Indiana

As you drive along the highways in Indiana, it can, at times, be difficult to remember that the Hoosier State is comprised of far more than just cornfields, chain restaurants and factories. Indeed, when I first arrived 28 months ago, my initial belief was that I had given up London for a life in what is commonly known here as "the sticks." But as time passed on and the corn got plucked away for the winter, I slowly came to realise that Indiana possessed some of the most fascinating - and, at times, surprising - places in the Midwest. I now bring you my top 5 in descending numerical order:

Friday, April 01, 2011

The Royals: An American Fascination

Back in England, Americans are often believed to hold the perception that all British people have some kind of acquaintance with Prince William. Indeed, I have, myself – on more than one occasion – been presented with this very question by inquisitive “Yanks” who may or may not have been stuck for anything better to ask.

But while some people are less astute than others, the U.S. – at least the Midwest – certainly possesses an often-unfathomable love affair with the Royal Family in general.