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Dear America,

I am writing to inform you (and a certain selection of the American people) that, contrary to popular belief, Tony Blair stopped being Prime Minister way back in 2007.

While I am, by no means, insinuating that all U.S. citizens are of the belief that Mr. Blair still rules over my compatriots, I have encountered enough Americans during the past several years who are, nonetheless, of this belief. It is for this reason that I feel some clarification is needed on this pressing issue.

Though, at 10 years, Mr. Blair was one of Britain's longer serving Prime Ministers, it should be noted that the first of his 3 terms began in 1997: ergo, Mr. Blair's Prime Ministerial duties came to a halt 6 years ago. I repeat, 6 years ago. It's not as though this news transpired in the last few hours, or even the last few weeks. Indeed, since international news is often, in the words of some, a little slow to filter through to certain American news networks, I could forgive the odd (and I do mean "odd") American for not knowing the finer points of a British cabinet reshuffle. But 6 years, America? 6 actual years?

I would have thought the White House visit of not one, but two, Prime Ministers since Mr. Blair's resignation would have been something of a clue for the aforementioned individuals, but obviously this was not enough.

Perhaps Mr. Blair's 2009 bid to become EU President was reason enough to acknowledge the discontinuation of his cabinet some two years prior? Apparently not. 

In short, America, a small minority of your people still believe something about my country that stopped being true over half a decade ago, and it is time for you to take action. It is not my business to tell you what action needs taking. I'm sure you'll work it out.

Finally, I do hope that this problem does not negatively impact the special relationship between our two nations, as Mr. Obama and Mr. Cameron (Prime Minister since 2010) strive to work together on various foreign policy issues.

Great Britain 

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