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While I may spend a fair amount of time longing for certain British foods on this side of The Pond, there is one staple that - so long as you are within driving distance of a British-or-Irish-style pub -  you can still get your hands on rather easily: fish and chips.

Actually, one needn't even go to the trouble of seeking out a pub: an above-average fish and chips can be found at your nearest Red Lobster, and you'll even get vinegar, should you desire it (note: vinegar is often misunderstood by Americans, who cannot get past its pungency).

Despite the fact that there tends to be an over-abundance of salt on both the fish and the chips here, one serving is at least enough to squelch the nostalgic British expat in me until the next time. I just wish this was true of chicken pasties, but, alas, I haven't seen one of those since leaving England.

That said, if you're British and if you're thinking of relocating to The States, be sure to check out your local British-style pubs if ever you get the same craving I did today. It is in these where fish and chips tends to be more like what you would get back home.

Of course, fish and chips is only truly authentic when accompanied by the obligatory side of mushy peas. Unfortunately, America hasn't really warmed to this idea yet, though if you're happy to cook your own fish and chips, Meijer typically sells pre-made mushy peas on its British aisle.


  1. Ah yes, the British aisle in Meijer is my life saver - I do crave those mushy peas a lot. I find the US version of fish n chips can be really fit and miss luckily we have a British themed pub near us that get it bang on - even if they do give you coleslaw with the mushy peas.

    America tartar sauce I always find tastes horrid however.

  2. Haha, I have never enjoyed tartar sauce. Actually, without Googling it, I'm not even sure what it is. But yes, the three things I always get from Meijer are 1) pickled onions; 2) mince sauce; 3) an Aero bar.

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  3. Yeah you can get okay fish and chips in some of those fake irish pubs you get here. But I can't really get my head (or mouth) around the idea of fried tilapia...if tastes watery and is some kind of farmed fish that is only made edible when smothered in a spicy sauce.

  4. Wow, I've not encountered fried tilapia before - at least not in a pub. Doesn't sound halfway near as wonderful as a good old haddock and chips!

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  5. OMG! How can you guys not like tartar sauce? I'm sure there's vinegar in it? Dutch hubby and I had a long discussion cum argument about just what tartar sauce is. I was ready to revoke my Dutch passport until he gave in and said that what passes for the sauce here isn't what I refer to as tartar. A couple weeks later, I found out that, in fact, ravigotte, their version, is tartar sauce. But don't say anything to my husband. His ignorance is bliss!

  6. Haha, I've just chosen to remain ignorant on the subject. I fear that if i found out what tartare sauce comprised of, I may like it even less.

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