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For the most part, American and British male baby names have born many similarities over the years: both countries have a lot of Davids, Stevens, and Scotts. 

Both seem to agree that Peter, John, and Michael are worth keeping around. 

But what about those first names that Brits always hear on American TV or in films? You know, those ones that sound impossibly American, like Bryce or Landon or Taylor

Well, here are 31 American boys names that aren't, for whatever reason, as popular in Britain.

1. Brandon
2. Dwayne
3. Peyton
4. Jayden
5. Ethan
6. Coby
7. Kyle
8. Tyler
9. Brent
10. Brock
11. Colby
12. Evan
13. Duke
14. Taylor
15. Bryce
16. Corey
17. Dale
18. Hunter
19. Elliot
20. Dwight
21. Jay
22. Jessie
23. Josh
24. Landon
25. Logan
26. Mason
27. Zack
28. Waylon
29. Vaughn
30. Troy
31. Spencer

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  1. I used to work in a daycare (in the States), and all the -ayden names baffled me. They are so ugly. Obviously this is not just an opinion but a fact. ;)

    However, there are some names on this list that I like, including Evan and Josh (a name I find "classic").

  2. Haha! I find it funny that a lot of these names (Taylor, Hunter, Vaughn etc) are typically last names.

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  3. There was a boy called Jay in about my Year 1 or 2 class, and I thought his parents had been so stingey to give him only a single letter rather than a name.

    (That said, my sister now has a boy in her class called Zed.)


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