Tuesday, April 30, 2013

33 American Girls Names That Aren't As Popular In Britain

Following on from our list of American boys names, here are 33 American girls names that are also not as popular across the Pond.

1. Madison
2. Chelsea
3. Britney
4. Riley
5. Shelby
6. Reagan
7. McKenzie
8. Carissa
9. Bailey
10. Sydney
11. Kaitlyn
12. Aubrey
13. Addison
14. Marissa
15. America
16. Taylor
17. Brooke
18. Mariah
19. Jordyn
20. Brooklyn
21. Reese
22. Melody
23. Harmony
24. Charity
25. Winter
26. Summer
27. Autumn
28. Avery
29. Brynn
31. Cora
32. Quinn
33. Mackenna

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Kaley [Y Mucho Más] said...

America is not as popular as in Britain? No me digas...

Laurence Brown said...

Haha! I wondered how long it would take for someone to mention that. :-)

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Rachel said...

I will never understand why so many people (mostly, I admit, Americans), feel the need to name their daughters "McKenzie". In my opinion, if one wishes to name one's child "son of Kenneth", that child should at least be a boy. And preferably the son of someone called Kenneth.

(Perhaps it's just the Gaelic-speaker in me, but the idea of naming any girl anything beginning with "Mac" is laughable - like naming a girl "Jackson" or anything else ending in "son". Strictly-speaking, girls shouldn't even have "Mac" in their surname, it should be "Nic", but that's what happens when you move into an English-speaking culture, it's like girls ending up with "ov(ich)" or "ski" at the end of their surnames).

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