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Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time in Britain will know (often to their chagrin) that fast food chains like McDonald's, Burger King, and Subway are seemingly just as numerous over there as they are in the United States. But what about other well-known American food chains? Ones that are wildly popular but have no identity in Britain? Here are 5 American Food Chains You Won't Find In Britain.

1. Applebee's
Sometimes, Britain will try to recreate the American-style restaurant. But, so far, they've missed out on this one.
My recommendation: Three Cheese Chicken Penne.

2. Arby's
Those with a keen memory for local fast food joints will recall that Britain did once have an Arby's outlet - located in Glasgow - that closed in the 2000s. It has not been seen on that side of The Pond since.
My recommendation: Medium roast beef sandwich.

3. Qdoba
Mexican-style food is not exactly all the rage in Britain (though if you look carefully, you might find a Taco Bell). If Qdoba opened its doors to the British people, this writer might just consider moving back.
My recommendation: Chicken Burrito

4. Red Lobster
Let it be said that British people do like their seafood - especially fish and chips. As was previously pointed out on this blog, Red Lobster makes this plate rather splendidly.
My recommendation: Battered Fish and Chips

5. Wendy's
Like Arby's, Wendy's did once boast a couple of British outlets but has since closed them. Basically, if you're British and you like your burgers served up by a mega-corporation, you're stuck with just McDonald's and Burger King I'm afraid.
My recommendation: Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

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