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Guest Post by the Healthcare Insurance Group.

Many of us forget that between the US and the UK there is a great deal of difference in terms of healthcare. Whereas all citizens of the UK are entitled to free healthcare, it is often much more difficult for those in the US to access healthcare without having health insurance.

The Health Insurance Group is here to highlight some of the fundamental tenets of the American health system. Here are 4 things about American healthcare every British expat should know:

1.       You will require international health insurance in order to avoid paying hefty bills whenever you visit the Doctor’s in the US. When taking out this insurance, pre-existing medical conditions will be taken into account, meaning that the cost of your healthcare may be affected.

2.       In the US, if you require access to free healthcare you must first apply to prove that you do not have the income available in order to pay for your healthcare. The plans for this include Medicare for over 65s and Medicaid for those who simply do not have the finances to pay for hefty hospital bills.

3.       Dental and Eye care is often not included in health insurance policies in the US, but can be purchased as additional services on standard insurance plans.

4.       The cost of healthcare is also wildly different, with the US’s percentage of GDP being spent on healthcare being almost twice that of the UK last year. This is due to the huge costs related to the service, with a hospital room costing around $1,000 per night.

When looking at these key facts about the US healthcare system, it is clear that those looking to move to the US should invest in private medical insurance. Whilst this is a choice in the UK, where patients have access to free healthcare, living in America without access to some form of insurance will leave you with a rather large bill after even the simplest of medical procedures.

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  1. I wrote a little article on this on - and I am covered through my husband's comprehensive policy, but would still recommend anyone to research and look around at what is needed/available, so this is a useful post.

    Molly @ The Move to America

  2. Odd that the US spends all most double that of the UK per capita on health care yet in the UK we have lower infant mortality and longer life expectancy.

  3. With help of relevant medical insurance cover, you will be able to cover your family.

  4. but be warned even with insurance you can still face a hefty bill, for example even with health insurance my absolutely healthy pregnancy and delivery with my daughter was over $7000 (out of my pocket)

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