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Whether this can be owed to the huge influx of American films and TV shows or whether it is a result of pan-Atlantic conversations on the internet, certain words that are perceived as "American" have slowly crept into British English. Here is a list of 17 such words.

1. Awesome (signifying that something is great. The Beatles are awesome)
2. Duh (expressed when another person has stated the obvious. Of course the Beatles are awesome, duh!)
3. Ass (equivalent of arse)
4. Trash (equivalent of rubbish)
5. Asshole (Insult. Equivalent of arsehole)
6. Like (Filler. I think that the Beatles are, like, awesome)
7. Whatever (Dismissive, one-word response to something with which the speaker disagrees)
8. Hello... ? (Sarcastic. Like, hello... ? Of course the Beatles are awesome, duh!)
9. Garbage (equivalent of rubbish)
10. Sweet (Signifying that something is pretty great. Hey Jude is sweet!)
11. Bitchin' (Similar to 'sweet'. Rubber Soul is bitchin')
12. Hell, yes! (Displaying strong affirmation. Hell, yes, Rubber Soul is bitchin')
13. You guys (General, non-gender-specific term referring to a group of 2 or more people. You guys should listen to Rubber Soul).
14. I guess (Equivalent of I suppose. I guess we could listen to Rubber Soul)
15. Gotten (Equivalent to received. We have gotten a lot of Beatles album orders in the past week)
16. Totally (Equivalent to absolutely. Rubber Soul is totally bitchin')
17. Goddamn (Equivalent to damn. Goddamn, I wish this post would stop referencing The Beatles)

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