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This Thursday, Americans all across the land will celebrate - as they do annually - their Independence from the British.

So just what is it like being a British expat in America on July 4? Here are 4 things every British expat should know about July 4th.

1. There are parades everywhere
4th of July parades are found in pretty much every town and city in America and are, as such, a 30-minute advertisement for local businesses, school marching bands and politicians seeking office. The real highlight of these events is the free candy, which is thrown at you, in frequent intervals, by grinning children.

2. You'll be asked whether July 4 is celebrated in Britain
As a British person at a July 4 party, you'll likely stick out like a sore thumb. Be prepared for one - if not all - Americans in attendance to single you out for questioning. Be prepared further still that one of these revelers might ask you whether you guys celebrate July 4 back home. When this happens, feel free to remind all that their arses were well and truly kicked during the British invasion of the 1960s.

3. You'll hear lots of jokes about the British army, circa 1776
Those same people mentioned in part 2, the ones that will single you out for questioning, will almost certainly make you the butt of their jokes. And because you are British, these jokes will definitely involve some sort of reference to the British army's involvement in the Revolutionary War. To this end, you might be challenged to honorably give up your beer.

4. You'll eat an irresponsible amount of food and fall asleep by 8:30pm
On what is usually a hot summer's day for most of the United States, America's Independence Day is perhaps the most enjoyable of all the American holidays. Parades, music, sun tans and family time are the order of the day. But amid all the pomp and circumstance, the photogenic moments and the hurtful British jokes, there is one word that sums up July 4 more than just about any: tiredness. After eating 12 hot dogs, downing 7 cans of Bud Light and sweating your arse off in the 95 degree heat, it is a holiday tradition to curl up into a ball at around 8:30pm before waking up to leftover hot dogs on July 5.

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