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Guest post by John Rooney.

Whether it's to take up a new job, experience a new culture or simply to escape the often miserable British weather, every year thousands of UK residents take the decision to start a new life abroad. In fact, the Home Office suggests that as many as 4.7 million Brits are living abroad, with over 100 countries being home to more than 1,000 Britons.

A 2010 report published by the Institute of Public Policy Research is the most commonly referenced guide to where British expats end up, so where are the most popular destinations for sun-seeking Brits, and what are the biggest attractions of moving there?

#1. Australia

Given the close relationship the UK shares with down-under - sharing a monarch, a rich sporting rivalry and many cultural similarities - it is perhaps unsurprising that Australia is the most popular location for British expats.

So what else is it that has attracted over one million Brits to the other side of the world? Well aside from the fantastic weather, Australia can offer a diverse variety of natural beauty, ranging from stunning coast lines (the Gold Coast in Queensland is a particular highlight) to sub-tropical rainforests as well as the Great Barrier Reef.

It is also a country of plenty of economic opportunity if you have the skills they're looking for. Despite the global financial crisis Australia only experienced one quarter of negative growth during that time.

#2. USA

There is probably no country that markets itself as aggressively as the USA. The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, the Land of Opportunity; whatever you want to call it the United States attracts thousands of British expats - an estimated 829,000 in total.

Whatever sort of life you're looking for you can find it in the States, with a wide variety of unique cultures on offer, from the cosmopolitan and liberal cities of New York and San Francisco to the natural beauty of Colorado and sunshine of Florida. The latter is a big favourite of people looking to retire to the sunshine, with the IPPR report stating that an estimated 140,000 British pensioners living in the Sunshine State.

Other benefits include low taxes, cheaper fuel, better weather, a strong work ethic and wide ranging cultural and ethnic diversity.

#3. Spain

Does a combination of all-year-round sunshine, beautiful coastlines and a vibrant culture sound like something you could get used to? If so then you may wish to join the 808,000 other Brits who have decided to start a new life in Spain.

The economy may be a problem for the European country, however as long as you have a steady income or sizeable assets now could be the perfect time to go, with house prices at 1990s levels and the cost of living much more favourable than when compared to that of the UK.

The most popular areas for British expats moving to Spain are Andalucia in the south, the Baleatic island of Mallorca and the Valencia region which includes the likes of the Costa Blanca and Benidorm.

John Rooney is a blogger who loves to write about travel and other issues effecting British expats. He suggests Autoshippers UK for car export from the UK to help you begin your new life abroad.

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