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Following on from last week's list, here are 5 more British food items that all Americans should try.

Mushy peas
Nothing on this planet pairs better with fish and chips - and that's saying something when you consider the existence of pickled onions or curry sauce. Mushy peas are home mainly to the north of England, where they can sometimes be found accompanying a pie.

Sticky toffee pudding
This steamed dessert is among - along with number 3 on this list - the finest puddings in Britain. A moist sponge cake covered in layers of toffee sauce, this dessert is about as rich as they come and truly negates the misconception that British food is awful.

Spotted dick
For obvious reasons, this is the one Americans often find most amusing. To be fair, so do most Brits. But few would argue that this raisin-based pudding is a breathtakingly scrumptious dessert, especially when served with custard. As for the name, the spotted part simply refers to the dots of raisins, while the usage of dick is sadly unknown.

Bangers and mash
In the United States, bangers and mash can actually be found in most "authentic" British pubs and is, furthermore, typically one of the most popular dishes therein. Simply a combination of sausages (preferably Cumberland) and mashed potatoes, bangers and mash is best when served with gravy.

Cottage pie
Known more commonly state-side as shepard's pie, cottage pie is one of the most famous British foods worldwide. A combination of meat pie and mashed potato, this item would no doubt fair well in America, where many proudly profess to be a "meat and potatoes sort of person."

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  1. Going to make Hubby try all of these!


  2. I was hesitant with trying the mushy peas at first, but they really are good with fish and chips. Damn, now I want some.

    But where's the Yorkshire pudding, Christmas pudding, etc.?

  3. There's an error with your pie terminology.

    Cottage pie is made from minced beef, whereas shepherd's pie is made from minced lamb!

    Cottage v Shepherd isn't a UK/USA difference but a more fundamental one.

  4. Cottage pie is yummy. And spotted dick will never not be funny.

    In my city, a Brit opened a food truck that serves Cornish pasties. It's extremely popular in this meat-and-potatoes town. Plus, it's delicious--I had one for lunch just today. These should definitely be on the list.


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