Friday, September 27, 2013

32 American Slang Words for Drunk

Following on from a list I compiled recently of British equivalents, here is a list of 32 American slang words for drunk.
 1. Buzzed
2. Blasted
3. Canned
4. Croked
5. Destroyed
6. Fried
7. Groggy
8. Hammered
9. Hooched up
10. Juiced
11. Liquored-up
12. Loaded
13. Looped
14. Obliterated
15. Plowed
16. Polluted
17. Rat-assed
18. Ripped
19. Sh*t-faced
20. Sloshed
21. Smashed
22. Stewed
23. Stinko
24. Tanked
25. Three-sheets-to-the-wind
26. Tight
27. Tipsy
28. under-the-influence
29. Under-the-table
30. Wasted
31. Woozy
32. Wrecked

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Anonymous said...

I had heard that 'lush' or to 'be a lush' is to be a drunk/alcoholic in some parts of the U.S.

'Lush' in Wilt/Glos can mean really nice/really lovely!

Molly @ The Move to America

Laurence Brown said...

Haha, yes! Lush was one of the words that confused me at first. I too had previously known it to mean lovely. I'm wondering if the American usage is more Midwestern.

Anonymous said...

Several of my friends use "Half-in-the-bag".

Anonymous said...

Here are a few more:

- Sheyoobied.
- F*cked up
- Lit
- Relaxed (as in Very ...)

Unknown said...

"Sauced" is my personal favorite.

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