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Continuing our series of alphabetised words and phrases common to the U.S. that are not widely used in the UK, here are 17 such words beginning with the letter 'D'.

1. Deputy or sheriff's deputy
UK equivalent: police constable.

2. Derby (hat)
UK equivalent: bowler.

3. Diaper 
UK equivalent: nappy.

4. Direct deposit 
UK equivalent: giro.

5. Discombobulated
UK (and US) equivalent: discomposed.

6. Dishrag 
UK (and US) equivalent: dishcloth.

7. Dish towel
UK equivalent: tea towel.

8. District attorney
UK equivalent: Crown Prosecutor (England & Wales); Procurator Fiscal (Scotland).

9. Divided highway
UK equivalent: dual carriageway.

10. Doohickey
UK equivalent: wotsit.

11. Downtown
UK equivalent: city centre.

12. Drape, drapes
UK (and US) equivalent: curtain.

13. Driver license, driver's license
UK equivalent: driving licence.

14. Drugstore
UK equivalent: chemist.

15. Drywall
UK equivalent: plasterboard.

16. Dude
UK equivalent: chap, bloke, lad.

17. Dumpster
UK equivalent: skip.

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