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Me and Tarah

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Continuing our series of alphabetised words and phrases common to the U.S. that are not widely used in the UK, here are 10 such words beginning with the letter 'F'.

1. Fanny pack 
A pouch-like bag that ties or snaps around the wearer's waist (UK equivalent: bum bag).

2. Faucet 

A valve for controlling the flow of a liquid (UK and US equivalents: tap)

3. Flashlight 

Portable battery-powered electric lamp (UK equivalent: torch)

4. Flatware 

Knives, spoons, and forks (as opposed to holloware); (UK equivalent: cutlery)

5. Freeway 

(UK equivalent: motorway)

6. French press 

Device for making coffee (UK equivalent: cafetière)

7. Freshman 

A first-year student in college or high school (UK equivalent: fresher)

8. French fries (or fries) 

Deep-fried potato cuts. (UK equivalent: chips)

9. Frosting 

A confection applied to cakes (US and UK equivalents: icing)

10. Front desk 

(UK equivalent: reception)

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  1. Here are two words starting with F that mean the same on both sides of the pond:
    flatulence and farts.

  2. There's another one, too, but decorum prevents me from recording it here.


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