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The United States is now the most desirable to move to from the UK, while almost half of UK residents admit they would not miss the over-crowding and traffic in the nation’s towns and cities in the event they moved abroad.

That’s according to a survey of more than 1,000 people by the UK’s leading provider of instant online quotes for moving services,

Around a seventh (14 per cent) of respondents aspire to move to live in the USA, closely followed by Australia (13 per cent) and Spain (12 per cent). New Zealand and France ranked joint fourth with eight per cent of the vote respectively.

But while only 12 per cent of residents would like to move to Spain, almost two-thirds of UK residents (60 per cent) believed Spain was the most likely destination for expats to move to, followed by Australia (23 per cent) and France (11 per cent).

Perhaps as a result of the eurozone crisis, Greece and Portugal ranked among the least popular destinations for expats.

The survey also asked UK residents what they would and wouldn’t miss about the British Isles if they were to move abroad:

What would UK residents miss if they moved abroad?
·         Family and friends (79 per cent)
·         The NHS (46 per cent)
·         Native language (28 per cent)
·         The sense of humour (24 per cent)
·         Food (23 per cent)
·         The BBC (12 per cent)
·         History/Heritage (10 per cent)
·         Takeaway restaurants (7 per cent)
·         Weather (7 per cent)
·         Sunday shop openings (6 per cent)
·         Newspapers (6 per cent)
·         Political stability (6 per cent)
·         The Royal Family (4 per cent)

What would UK residents miss least if they moved abroad?
·         Weather (68 per cent)
·         Over-crowding (47 per cent)
·         Traffic (45 per cent)
·         Pollution (34 per cent)
·         Commuting (33 per cent)
·         CCTV/Surveillance (15 per cent)
·         Food (8 per cent)

However, almost half (46 per cent) of UK residents are put off the thought of moving abroad by international moving costs.

When asked how much they thought it would cost to move to Australia for instance, 64 per cent of UK residents over-estimated the true cost of moving their possessions abroad (between £3,900 and £4,900 for a typical three-bed house); with 12 per cent estimating it would cost over £15,000!

Rob Houghton, director,, urges people considering living abroad to use its International Moving Cost Calculator to get a quick estimate of the cost of an international move: no personal details are required.

“The advances in transportation and globalisation have led to a drop in the cost of moving abroad,” said Houghton.

“However, our survey clearly shows that many people are unaware of the true cost of moving overseas: it is wrongly seen as a barrier to 46 per cent of people.
“Our International Moving Cost Calculator is a free and instant tool for comparing the actual cost of moving by air, sea or road and dispelling these myths.” was launched in November 1999, and has become the UK's leading provider of free instant online quotes for home-moving services. The site provides instant quotes for a variety of services including domestic removals, surveys, conveyancing solicitors, Energy Performance Certificates and Scottish Home Reports and a choice between local and national service providers.

In a UK first, has recently launched an International Moving Cost Calculator, which is easy and free to use and provides immediate moving cost estimates to and from almost any location in the world without requiring any personal details. For more information on the costs of moving overseas for UK expats visit’s international moving costs report

Contact: Rob Houghton 01727 238010

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