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This week's topic was suggested by YouTube user Mark Lockwood and it's a subject that has proven rather popular on this blog over the years: British words that baffle Americans.

At 8 minutes long, the video doesn't even scratch the surface of all the many colloquialisms, slang words, and general Britishisms that leave Americans scratching their noggins.

This article was written by Laurence Brown. Laurence is a British expat living in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has written for BBC America and Anglotopia. He is Editor-in-chief of Lost in the Pond and loves nothing more than to share these articles with anglophiles, expats, and other interested parties on social media. Follow Lost in the Pond on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


  1. On the flip side, Fanny pack. Ha ha ha. That is a word that the Americans kept using and my little sister was very confused.

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