Tuesday, September 01, 2015

WATCH: British Slang in a Southern U.S. Accent

What do you get if you cross Catherine Tate with Forrest Gump? Probably this video. Or a scene from the Twilight Zone. Either way, watch my attempt at a general Southern U.S. accent while uttering British slang. It's weird. It even messed with my own head. But, by golly, it was worth it. Enjoy!

Music by Laurence Brown: https://soundcloud.com/laurence-m-brown/london
This article was written by Laurence Brown. Laurence is a British expat living in Indianapolis, Indiana, and writes for BBC America and Anglotopia. He is Editor-in-chief of Lost in the Pond and loves nothing more than to share these articles with anglophiles, expats, and other interested parties on social media. Follow Lost in the Pond on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Unknown said...

As a native of Alabama, all I can say is " Bless your heart"...... Thank you for knowing that there is more than one Southern accent .
Seriously, there are British accents and Southern accents that have some of the same sounds. The south was settled by mainly by people from the British Isles, so makes sense.

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