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British native, lead writer for BBC America’s Anglophenia website, and BBC broadcaster Fraser McAlpine will visit the Indianapolis area in early November to celebrate the publication of his book Stuff Brits Like: A Guide to What’s Great About Great Britain.

Additionally, Fraser will be joining us as a guest star on this blog's podcast - Halfway Planet. Look out for that episode on Thursday, November 5.

McAlpine set out to do for his countrymen what Stuff Parisians Like did for their neighbors across the channel—offering a guide to their particular tastes and eccentricities with all the cheeky wit you might expect from the people who gave you Noël Coward and Eddie Izzard. Why can’t Brits resist a pun? When is it appropriate to bloody swear? What’s the deal with Marmite? Why are they so good at standing in an orderly line? Why do they love the Shipping Forecast?

Fraser McAlpine was raised in Oxfordshire by English parents from Grimsby and Scottish grandparents from Paisley, works in London and lives in Cornwall, which is the Florida of the British Isles, except it’s far wetter and there’s no Disneyworld. Originally a music journalist for the BBC's Top of the Pops website, the NMEand BBC Radio 1, and Radio 2, he is now lead writer for the BBC Anglophenia blog, and consequently spends a good deal of his working life arguing about the finer points of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Downton Abbey and anything containing Tom Hiddleston. Visit and follow him on Twitter @csi_popmusic and Facebook

Fraser McAlpine’s Stuff Brits Like

Schedule of appearances. 
Tuesday, November 3rd:
5:30 pm WFYI-FM, live interview with Jill Ditmire
6:00 pm British Telly Club meet and greet, WFYI studios, Indianapolis. (More here: )
9:00 pm (doors 8:00 pmStuff Brits Like launch party and book reading, the Melody Inn, 3836 N. Illinois Street, Indianapolis. Special guest: The Brixtons. Suggested donation: $5

Wednesday, November 4th:
1:00 pm Westfield Washington Public Library, 333 W. Hoover Dr., Westfield. Book Club, reading and Q&A
3:00 pm Westfield Washington Public Library, Teen Group, Q&A

Thursday, November 5th:
10:30 am WFIU, Bloomington, Indiana. Live interview
7:00 pm Barnes and Noble Booksellers, 14790 Greyhound Plaza, Carmel. Book signing and Bonfire Night celebration. Door prizes.
This article was written by Laurence Brown. Laurence is a British expat living in Indianapolis, Indiana, and writes for BBC America and Anglotopia. He is Editor-in-chief of Lost in the Pond and loves nothing more than to share these articles with anglophiles, expats, and other interested parties on social media. Follow Lost in the Pond on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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