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Me and Tarah

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If you’re an American or know an American that is seriously considering visiting England, listen up, because I know a thing or two about that place. That’s right: Until I turned my back on it and moved to its larger cousin, England was my home for 27 drizzly years. While there, I made American friends, dated American girls (I was young; they were desperate), and saw lots of American tourists. So make sure you’re sitting down - preferably not on a toilet... again… Toby83 - and have a pad and paper at the ready.

Sometimes, it's better hearing me in a British accent. Click the red button below.

Laurence Brown is a British man writing his way through the truly bizarre world of America - a place he sometimes accidentally calls home and a place he still hasn't quite figured out after seven years. Thankfully, his journey is made 12% easier by the fact that his accent makes him sound much smarter than he is. For evidence of this, subscribe to his popular Lost in the Pond web series over on YouTube.


  1. I have been to England several times. I stayed in London and Oxford(well worth it)with friends. We made some excursions. From Oxford don't go up to Shakespeare's town as it is just a tourist trap. Go to Bath which is much better. I missed Cambridge which is probably good. Inter-town buses were much cheaper than the train when I was last there many years ago. I have an Indian friend who took me to fabulous Indian restaurants not in the tourist guides. Taxis in London are horribly expensive to go to the nearby suburbs.

    To get an idea of various regions of England before going, I recommend reading the mystery novels written by Elizabeth George. She's American, but apparently popular in England, and she gets into the London and regional characteristics.

    One negative thing I found about the English is their welcome at private parties. My friends invited me to some in London. A conversation would begin, but once the person found out that you weren't into their business and contacts they quickly moved on. So I spent most of my time at them talking to other foreigners. It is very insular if I dare say. Out of London it is better. I hope the beer is still cheap. Enough for now, though there is more.

  2. Americans must preach the word of the Lord to the British natives to save them from Atheism, Mohammedanism, Sarcasm, Druidism, and Harry Potter Witchcraft:


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