Monday, March 14, 2016

VIDEO: When A Brit Does The Dishes... in America

Laurence Brown discusses some of the terminological differences between the UK and America as it pertains to doing dishes.
Edit: silly Laurence neglected to mention that in the UK, "the dishes" is referred to as "the washing up".

Sometimes, it's better hearing me in a British accent. Click the red button below.

Laurence Brown is a British man writing his way through the truly bizarre world of America - a place he sometimes accidentally calls home and a place he still hasn't quite figured out after seven years. Thankfully, his journey is made 12% easier by the fact that his accent makes him sound much smarter than he is. For evidence of this, subscribe to his popular Lost in the Pond web series over on YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

You may consider doing the dishes the way the Rev. Arthur Belling of Saint Loony Up the Cream Bun and Jam does them...........

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