Finding America

Me and Tarah

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In my quest to visit all fifty U.S. states by 2020, I headed off into the mountains of West Virginia in September, 2016. It was here that we filmed the very first episode of Finding America, a series that has since taken us to a host of other places. Click the video below to see where it all began.

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Laurence Brown is a British man documenting his life in the truly bizarre and beautiful world of America. Before the end of the decade, he plans to achieve his goal of visiting all 50 United States - highlighting each one in Lost in the Pond's Finding America web series. To help fund this exciting project, consider becoming a patron. Your contribution would be incredibly useful.


  1. We will all be awaiting a new video from you titled: A Brit's Visit To Colorado. Do Denver. Bike in Boulder. Explore Rocky Mountain National Park. End the trip in Aspen where John Denver used to live. Sing "Rocky Mountain High"

  2. Virginia is for lovers:

  3. Hi, to you Laurence and your lovely wife. Sorry, but I'm a bit late in viewing this video, as I have only quite recently discovered you on YouTube. I really enjoyed watching this vlog of your visit to West Virginia. My plans now include sitting in my comfy spot and watching all your vlogs. Best wishes to you both from south Florida 🌈


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