Finding America

Me and Tarah

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It's been a strange few days in America. Hopefully this video can represent some welcome relief for those who need it. And also as an otherwise entertaining travel wishlist for those who don't. As I said last week, America is a beautiful country, and these are just five of the cities I really want to see.

Sometimes, it's better hearing me in a British accent. Click the red button below.

Laurence Brown is a British man writing his way through the truly bizarre world of America - a place he sometimes accidentally calls home and a place he still hasn't quite figured out after seven years. Thankfully, his journey is made 12% easier by the fact that his accent makes him sound much smarter than he is. For evidence of this, subscribe to his popular Lost in the Pond web series over on YouTube.


  1. I went to Seattle for a week in April. I loved it. Can't wait to go back again one day. :)

  2. Take me to the Mardi Gras....

  3. Some cities are more accommodating than others for bike riders. So put on your bulky acrylic knit hat, ironic tee shirt, and hipster messenger bag. Go West to Portland!

  4. Most cities that boast of good public transportation (e.g., New York, San Francisco, Boston, etc.) also happen to be VERY expensive and have a high rate of crime. In which city can you live affordably, safely, and car-free?


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