Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The A-Z of British Slang (Song)

Something a little different in this video. It seems there's hardly a day goes by when my American friends, family, and neighbo(u)rs don't ask me the meaning of a British slang word or two. So here's a song I wrote that will guide you through the entire alphabet (almost). I hope you enjoy it! If you fancy singing along (recommended), the lyrics are listed beneath the video:

A is for Aggro, which means irritation
B is for Blimey, a quaint exclamation!
C is for Chin wag, so let’s have a chat
D is for Dodgy, how fishy is that?

E is for Engaged, when the phone line is busy
F is for Fiddle Sticks, when you get in a tizzy
G is for Gobsmacked, which means you’re amazed
So How’s Your Father, now go and get laid.

I’ve got an Ay to Zed of the words I said when I grew up in England
Join me and my band as we get the hang of our favourite British slang

I is for Innit, let’s blame Ali G
J is for Jammy if you’re lucky like me
K is for Knickers, some girl’s underwear
L is for Lurgy, so keep over there

M is for Mate, they’re a good friend of mine
N is for Nitwit, a silly old swine
O is for Owt, it’s an old Yorkshire phrase,
P is for Pear-shaped what a mess you have made.

I’ve got an A to Zed of the words I said when I grew up in England
Join me and my band as we get the hang of our favourite British slang

Q is for Quid, one of your English pounds
R is for Rat-arsed, you’re drunk on the town
S is for Sod, just a mild curse word
T is for Tosser, which is quite a lot worse

U is for Uni, let’s head to the bar 
‘Cause V is for vino, twelve bottles go far   
Put on your Wellies to keep your feet dry
X is a hard one so let’s skip to Y
Y is for Yonks, which is quite a long time
Z is for Zonked, so I’ll bid you goodnight

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