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Me and Tarah

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Autumn has to be my favo(u)rite season. So I was surprised to find I'd not yet produced a video looking at the specific differences between British and American autumn. While the leaves continue to fall and my wife orders her 204th pumpkin spice latte, here are 5 differences between British and American autumn.

Laurence Brown is a British writer and YouTuber who somehow convinced the city of Chicago to let him in. He is an English Language graduate from Lancaster University and a passionate word etymologist, with a particular interest in British and American neologisms. Since moving to the United States, he has become increasingly curious about Britain's historical influence on American culture and about America in general.


  1. What no Guy Fawkes? Bonfire night?

  2. Problem with so many leaves, they begin to rot like compost at which point going outside smells a lot like poo.


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