Finding America

Me and Tarah

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Because we stayed well within our travel budget while in England, we arrived back on American soil with a wad of English money (well, 40 quid). So instead of spending it all at once, we figured we'd turn the camera on and give you fine people a rundown of some of the more notable differences between American and British money. Watch the video below to find out more.

Laurence Brown is a British writer and YouTuber who somehow convinced the city of Chicago to let him in. He is an English Language graduate from Lancaster University and a passionate word etymologist, with a particular interest in British and American neologisms. Since moving to the United States, he has become increasingly curious about Britain's historical influence on American culture and about America in general.


  1. Cool post! Thanks for the video.

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  2. Thanks! Very interesting. Your wife always looks so pretty, and she's got a lovely sense of humor, too. What a catch!

  3. Just wanted to point out on the U.S. currency. There is a coin for 50 cents or half dollar as it reads. Also there are 2 $1.00 coins. One is the silver dollar while the other less popular was the Susan B Anthony dollar coin. The Susan B Anthony coin was short lived since some genius made the coins almost the exact same diameter as the 25 cent coin. People were spending the 1 dollar coins thinking they were the quarter dollar coins.


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