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Hello. I’m Laurence and I’m on a quest to uncover all of the memos that Britain and America lost in the pond and one of those memos involves drinking. Now I’m not talking about the empty bottles of 17th century mead that passengers of the Mayflower inevitably chucked into the Pond. I’m talking about the language of drinking, the words both countries utilize to express, albeit with slurred speech, the drinks we quaff and the effects they have. 

With that in mind, here's a video looking at the differences between British and American drinking terminology.

Laurence Brown is a British writer and YouTuber who somehow convinced the city of Chicago to let him in. He is an English Language graduate from Lancaster University and a passionate word etymologist, with a particular interest in British and American neologisms. Since moving to the United States, he has become increasingly curious about Britain's historical influence on American culture and about America in general.

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  1. In the south it can be tore up from the floor up. Or tow up from the Flo up


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