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To whom it may concern, I’m Laurence and I’m on a quest to uncover all of the memos that Britain and America lost in the pond and one of those memos pertains to… well, memos. With Christmas, not to mention one country’s national election, on the horizon, both countries’ postal services are about to enter the busiest period of the year. 

But amid the ambience of cardboard, paper, and broken vases, postal delivery is very different on one side of the Pond to the other. And I can already hear Uncle Toby, whose Christmas cards mysteriously get lost in the Pond, typing something like “Americans say “mail” and Brits say “post”, I know that! But that ain’t the half of it.

Whether we’re talking about the delivery system, the branding, or the size of your package, here are five ways British and American mail is very different.

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