About This Blog

Thank you for taking the time to visit Lost in the Pond! Whether you found the site through Google search, Facebook, or your British aunt Martha, I trust you had a good reason for landing here. Like many who visit the site, perhaps you're an American Anglophile; maybe, like me, you're a British expat living in America; or perhaps you're just curious about this vast and bizarre world they call America. Whatever your background, I hope you choose to come back for more. 

What is Lost in the Pond?

In 2013, five years after moving to the United States, I devised this blog to document all of the cultural differences between the United States and my homeland of the United Kingdom. Indeed, the name Lost in the Pond pertains directly to the things that were lost in translation between the UK and the US (Pond being a well-known nickname for the Atlantic). 

Not surprisingly, such a study has always been dominated by a myriad of word differences, food variations, and general contrasts in size. On this blog, we've got you covered.

Travel Series

In my quest to overcome these differences, I needed to take the blog to the next level. Launching a now popular YouTube channel in 2015, I am currently developing an ongoing travel series, Finding America. You can read more about the series here, but the chief aim of Finding America is to produce videos in all fifty states, and to understand present day America one state at a time. For a hint of things to come, check out the short video below documenting my life as a proud resident of Chicago.

I hope you enjoy following me on this journey. If so, please tell like-minded friends about the blog. 

If not, please don't.

Thank you.

Laurence Brown
Editor at Lost in the Pond

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