Finding America

Me and Tarah

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I'm Laurence. In 2008, I was swept to America by the fickle hand of fate (and marriage), which means I've now lived in the U.S. longer than O.J. Simpson has served jail time. I know you were going to ask.

And so, because it seemed like a good idea at the time, I figured I'd document the whole thing on YouTube (not the O.J. part), which is where Lost in the Pond comes in.

What is Lost in the Pond?

The title of my YouTube channel and this blog—"Lost in the Pond"—refers to those things that were lost in translation between my move from England to the USA. "The Pond" is just another way of referring to the Atlantic. I thought I was being clever. Shut up.

Partly on the strength of certain wildly popular videos (like the one embedded below), my channel has grown significantly since the days when only my mum watched. Today, thousands of utter strangers tune in for every upload. I don't have the heart to tell them that consumption is voluntary.

Whether I'm juggling British and American word differences, devouring each country's cuisine, or delving deeper into why each nation is the way it is, the things we lose in the Pond can always be found on my channel. 
I hope you'll take the time to click around and devour my content (don't break anything). If indeed you derive any joy from my work, please tell friends about my channel

If not, please don't.

Kind regards,

YouTube sensation, Laurence Brown

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