About This Blog

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Laurence Brown. I am a British man who somehow ended up living in the United States. I haven't quite figured this place out yet. Until I do, I have this blog.

This blog is where I house all of my expat anecdotes, documenting in detail my contribution to American life. It is where I get to grips with British/American spelling differences, pronunciation variances, and word alternatives. This blog, you might say, is a resource center, compiled with care for both the expats and the Anglophiles among you.    

Speaking of Anglophiles, if you yourself are one, now would be a rather spiffing time to head on over to my YouTube channel, where you can hear my sexy British accent first hand.

I hope you enjoy following me on this journey. If so, please tell like-minded friends about the blog. 

If not, please don't.

Laurence Brown
Editor at Lost in the Pond