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I recently unveiled plans
on my YouTube channel to visit all 50 states by the end of the decade. To hold myself accountable, I've created the above interactive map, detailing all of the states I have visited so far. The map will be a living record of my ongoing pursuit of America and will be updated with each new place visited.

The overarching goal of the journey is to showcase the unique beauty of each state - from the landscape to the people - through our Finding America YouTube series.

On that note, discover how you can help fund the series here, and be sure to bookmark the current page to check back on our status!

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Laurence Brown is a British man documenting his life in the truly bizarre and beautiful world of America. Before the end of the decade, he plans to achieve his goal of visiting all 50 United States - highlighting each one in Lost in the Pond's Finding America web series. To help fund this exciting project, consider becoming a patron. Your contribution would be incredibly useful.

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